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If you believe in reincarnation what would you like to come back as?

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80 views asked Nov 3, 2015 in Any Old Thing by fifty5056 ( 30,679 points)

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Yes and no, its dificult to believe but i want to believe and if this is possible i want be a person with power to change the World to a better one without at least war, evil diseases and to stop with poverty, thats it!

answered Nov 3, 2015 by nunoclix ( 32,974 points)
selected Nov 10, 2015 by fifty5056
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i want to come as Josephine or Cleopatra couse they both strong woman and passionate..
answered Nov 9, 2015 by blackdahlia26 ( 730 points)
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as 15 yrs old me... (if quantum leap is really exists). i wish :)
answered Nov 7, 2015 by camui123 ( 20,983 points)
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no,but if it was real than I would want to come back as me again.
answered Nov 3, 2015 by actionjimbo ( 29,947 points)